Owning my own business introduced me to the realities of running a business (not just theory you learn in school). One of those realities was paying taxes, it quickly became apparent that earning money was only part of the game.  I needed to learn how to hang on to it.  This led me to learning what people with money did with their money and how to make it grow.
Keeping a long term perspective. Some of the best things I have done in my life have been long term commitments.  I’ve been married to my wife for 39 years and we have a commercial property we’ve owned for 40 years, both were good decisions.
My Wife and I have two children, my son graduated from University of Michigan and my daughter graduated from Indiana University.  We are very proud of them both.
I made a decision to make investing and Investment Advisory a full time avocation in 1983.
Along the way I have acquired my CFP® and CRPC®, Series 7, Series 63, Series 24, Series 65, Life and Health and 34 years of experience (another long term commitment).
Over the years my wife and I have invested in annuities, life insurance, more real estate, managed money, stocks and bonds.  I truly practice what I preach to my clients.
My practice has evolved to focus on Retirement and Retirement Income planning. After reading “Working with Us” on the main menu and you think there might be a fit.  Schedule a phone appointment to explore what we can do for you in planning your retirement.
Welcome to my website, my name is John R. McGonagle Jr. CFP®,CRPC®, let me share some personal and professional information to help you get to know me better.
I was born and raised in Plymouth Michigan a small Midwest town. I have six brothers and sisters, I’m right in the middle.  Both my parents worked hard and instilled a work ethic in me that is still drives me today.
After high school I attended, Eastern Michigan University business school, but the pull to own my own business was strong and at the age of 21 my parents remortgaged their home to allow me to buy into a local business.  I worked long hard hours and was able to pay off that note in eleven months.